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Indoor air quality improvement

Updated: Jan 9

At Elbert Heating & Air we can do more than just take care of your heating and cooling needs. We provide a range of products and services aimed at improving not just the temperature but the quality of air in your home too.

What causes bad air quality?

Indoor Air Quality Issues

Pollutants and allergens in the air come from a variety of sources: humans shedding skin cells, pet dander, mold spores, chemicals, and pollen can all contribute to bad air quality. But the biggest culprit? Dust mites. They’re one of the most common indoor allergens, and symptoms can be present year-round.

According to the EPA, the average American spends more than 85 percent of their life (more than 20 hours a day) indoors. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the air you breathe in these enclosed spaces and keep it as clean as possible.

Possible options

Air Cleaners & Purifiers

Air cleaners and air purifiers are your frontal assault on indoor air pollution as they integrate directly into the ductwork system and can remove dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, dust mite feces, second-hand smoke and other contaminants directly from the air.

Ultraviolet Light

This technology uses ultraviolet light to destroy germs and other contaminants in the air. It is installed within the duct system and works by using ultraviolet light to inhibit the surface growth of mold spores and certain bacteria by as much as 99 percent. This same type of light has been trusted for over 60 years to kill microorganisms in water purification, the food processing industries, hospital operating rooms and more.

Air humidifiers

During the winter months, the warm air inside the home becomes drier. This can have a significant impact on both health and property. Health issues include dry skin, dry nasal passages, sore throat, aggravating the symptoms of colds, allergies, and asthma. In fact, many viruses thrive under low humidity levels.

Low humidity can cause cracked and warped wood floors, trim, molding, and furniture as moisture is drained from the underlying wood. This kind of damage is permanent and irreversible in many cases.

Energy Recover Ventilators (ERV)

These devices exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. It’s like opening a window to let fresh air in but without increasing your energy bill. An ERV is a great solution to improve indoor air quality and exchange indoor stale air with fresh outdoor air without compromising heating or cooling costs.

As today’s homes are tightly sealed and are built to higher efficiency standards, it becomes very difficult to keep them sufficiently ventilated.

A practical solution that maintains efficiency while improving indoor air quality is an ERV.

Reducing indoor air pollution is especially vital for children, people with asthma or respiratory allergies, but it’s important for everyone. We service and install humidifiers, air cleaners, UV light systems, inline duct boosters and filters. These products are for increased home comfort and are available from multiple manufactures. Tell us about your needs and we’ll try to come up with a good solution. We may have some options you haven’t considered.

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